Phil snedecor Arranging Seminar II


Reimagining music for your ensemble


June 23rd-July 9th, 2020 Tuesday/Thursday 7:30-9:30 pm EST (Via Zoom)

Phil Snedecor, arranger for the Washington Symphonic Brass and the DC Pops Orchestra dives into how to produce successful arrangements for your ensemble. Whether you are writing for tuba quartet, trumpet ensemble, brass ensemble, or a full Symphony Orchestra, this invaluable course will refine your skills to make the most of your ensemble. Twice weekly seminar meetings include in-depth looks at famous arrangements and transcriptions, techniques to get you started on your own arrangement library, and advice on workflow that insures completion for busy professionals. Learning how to create arrangements that successfully transform the originals into works that sound like they were written for your group is at the forefront of this workshop.

Enrollment limited to 15 people. Six classes includes two private arranging lessons are included in the tuition cost of $275 per participant.

In addition, we will have with special guests that will give you new perspectives, including:

Kim Scharnberg (Broadway Orchestrator; Jekyll and HydeThe Scarlet Pimpernel,)

Terry Everson (Tpt. Ensemble Arranger; Idea #24, There’s a Great Day Coming )

Phil Snedecor’s arranging skills not only led him to more performance opportunities on the trumpet, his main instrument, but took him places he never thought he would go, including conducting the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra in a Pops show of his own creation. His experience putting together shows for National Geographic, the National Building Museum, Wolf Trap and others give him special insight as to how to successfully arrange for the ensemble at hand. Whether you are just starting out arranging for your group, or been doing it for years, there’s something for everybody in the seminar. Of special interest is a full session on virtually producing your arrangement...So important in these times!

Topics discussed

-Selecting music to be arranged

-How to, and how NOT to, use the original score

-Using your imagination to reimagine music

-Scoring techniques

-Harmonization tricks and pitfalls

-Writing to your players strengths and weaknesses

-Workflow, timeline and process of your arrangement

-Making your players lives easy – tips for how to get the arrangement to play itself

-Home studio recording equipment

-Copyright issues

-Getting rights for performance versus rights for publication

-Virtually producing your arrangement

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